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Region: Liberalia
Motto: "Golden Boehemians Hands!"
Map: Not yet
Language|Official Language(s): Czech
Capital: Prague
Population: 233 000 000
Currency: Boehemians Crown
Leader: Matthew Tomas, President of The Free Land of Boehemians
Stats: NSEconomy Pipian XML

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[edit] Nation

UN Category: New York Times Democracy
Civil Rights: Average
Economy: Very Strong
Political Freedoms: Superb

[edit] History

Boehemians started to be involved in NationStates in August of 2006. Quite soon after ariving joined Liberalia because of Soccersians invitation.

[edit] Government

Boehemians is a parliament democracy, with Chamber of Deputies (revoted every 4 years) and with Senate (one third revoted every two years, whole electoral term is 6 years. President has more power than in average parliamentary democracy, so Boehemians can be mentioned also as semi-president democracy. President is voted by both chambers for five years term.

[edit] Liberalia

Shortly after ariving to Liberalia he joined the C-R Party and became quite active on forums. Shortly after the establishing of the Unrecognized Nations and Peoples, Boehemians joined it for the good of its people.

[edit] Service

After the August 2006 elections, he was appointed Secretary of Finance but shortly afterwards, the Coalition Government collapsed after mass resignations from members of the Government, and was replaced by Fishyguy. He served as the first Director of Office of Economics to the Unrecognized Nations and Peoples. he was a member of C-R Party and had a house in Bahía Esmeralda.

[edit] Departure

In November 2006, Boehemian announced that he was leaving nationstates, and his nation ceased to exist.

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